Joan’s Story

Prior to coming to Dr. Singleton’s clinic, I knew without a doubt that if I didn’t soon do something, I would end up in a wheelchair. In effect, I would go past just using a cane, and that from the lower back downward, would eventually be unable to support me.

I didn’t expect miracles, due to my age and health conditions I was born with, which would most definitely not work within my favour, but, regardless, I feel I got a giant size miracle.

In my experience, I have found chiropractic care does work and, like so many things, is an ongoing process. Also, I have found that this process involves body, mind and spirit/energy. You can walk into the clinic feeling down and leave feeling good. In my estimation, that’s energy working at its best. Perhaps, chiropractic care unlocks blocked areas and clears the way toward feeling better in our everyday life, for doesn’t one thing always lead to another?

For instance, a way of thinking in either a downward spiral “nothing helps” to an upward spiral, thinking “I can do it,” the latter, if you allow it, can naturally happen. So then, if something unlocks energy, then isn’t that something working within the field of nature? And then, in my thinking, it naturally follows chiropractic care clears the way, and what better place to have this care than Dr. Singleton’s clinic, with the good doctor himself and his friendly and helpful staff, Sue and Cindy.

We all need a helping hand every so often within our lives and hopefully won’t be afraid to ask, for how else can we receive?

Joan Griffin

Sue’s Story

I sought care for sciatica—my symptoms were severe pain in my right leg and lower back, as well as a burning sensation in my ankle. I had been experiencing this pain for approximately 4 months, all day and night, and the severity of the pain made it difficult to walk and stand longer than 1 minute.

I wanted to try chiropractic because traditional medication would only mask the issue, not solve it. I have never doubted chiropractic would help me, and I was right. Thanks to treatment (3 times a week), icing and warm showers, my pain is now minimal and I can walk erect without limping, get out of chairs without help and stand longer than 1 minute.

Dr. Singleton is efficient, knowledgeable, caring and supportive. I highly recommend others consider a chiropractor to maintain their optimal health.

Sue H.

George’s Story

Dear Dr. Singleton:

As you know, I had gone to a previous chiropractor for quite a few weeks. They decided to have me lift weights. Needless to say, with the pain I suffered, I decided not to go back.

I was walking past your office and decided to go in. What a pleasant surprise! After talking to you and your staff, I decided to have treatments.

You know how bad my shoulder was. I couldn’t even turn over in bed without pain.

After taking a few treatments, you told me I could be golfing in a month. You, sir, were wrong. It took one month and five days.

While you were on holidays, I indeed played golf at Peel Village Golf Course here in Brampton. I walked the course and that isn’t too bad for my ninetieth year.

I thank you and will never forget your kindness,

George (Potsy, Popsy) Burrows